Newsletter October 2018

October meeting

Hemorrhage Control

Chatham CERT October 2018

Hurricane Florence was the first real test of CERT in Chatham County. Thanks to everyone who prepared their families and neighborhoods, and a particular thank you to every CERT and others who volunteered their time to support the Emergency Operations Center in Pittsboro, who helped set up and take down shelters, who moved emergency supplies, and who worked at the North Carolina shelter in Orange County. Great Job! Continue reading Newsletter October 2018

Newsletter September 2018

CERT September meeting – Communications

First, Hurricane Florence

After a quiet summer, the 2018 tropical storm system is heating up. Florence looks to be headed our way, which could mean high winds and lots of rain. Combined those spell power outages, transportation interruptions, and school closings. As a CERT you have started to prepare your families for bad weather. Here is a checklist you can share with others who are just now thinking about how to get ready: Continue reading Newsletter September 2018

Newsletter July 2018

July CERT Meeting

The July 2018 meeting of Chatham CERT is on July 25 at 18:30 (6:30 PM) in the Chatham County Emergency Operations Center, 297 West St, Pittsboro. After our regular meeting, this months’ class is ‘What Happens When My GPS Doesn’t Work, or How I Learned to Love My Paper Maps’. We will discuss topics on map coordinates, map reading, and land navigation, all of which are essential for CERT support to many operational mission scenarios including search and rescue. Everyone, CERT members or not, are invited to participate at no cost. Continue reading Newsletter July 2018