Newsletter December 2018

Happy Holidays!

No meeting in December

With all the activities for the holiday season we will not have a scheduled meeting in December. Our next meeting is January 23, 2019 – keep on reading for the details.

CERT Volunteer Callouts

If Chatham County needs CERT support during an emergency, we will post volunteer opportunities to our website at Please check there first for any CERT activation requests.

Thanks to our November meeting presenters

Our November class focused on preparing for winter in Chatham County, and the weather forecasts for this weekend shows that the information might be needed sooner than we planned! Special thanks to Captain Maynor ofthe Chatham Sheriff’s office, Christopher Brewer from FirstHealth, Dr. John Dykers, and Dr. Stephanie Freese for their presentations at the November meeting.  We’ve put together some CERT ideas for your own preparedness this winter. You can view them at this link.

Reindeer Run

Thanks also to everyone who helped Chatham CERT and Chatham AuxCommsupport this year’s Reindeer Run. From planning meetings to race day coordination to radio communications along the course route, a great bit thanks to all. If you are a ham radio operator and were not able to participate you missed a great training opportunity, but there will be plenty more to come!

Coming up in January

Several of our CERT members have requested an ‘Active Shooter Response’ class, and that is our topic for January. What can you do to avoid such a situation? What do you do if confronted by someone looking to do you harm? Run! Hide! Fight! The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office will present this topic to CERT on January 23, 2019The class may be in the new Sheriff’s training classroom. If so, everyone attending will have to pre-register for this class.More details to follow in early January but put this date on your calendar now.

Gift suggestions

Looking for that perfect CERTified gift? Here are 10 suggestions:

  • Flashlight – one that is rugged, long lasting, and bright
  • Emergency food rations – MREs, storage food, or their favorite candy bars
  • A well-stocked First Aid kit for car or truck
  • Solar battery charger for cell phone or tablet
  • High quality water filter, like a Berkey
  • Good pocket knife or multi-tool
  • Windup and Solar-powered Weather Radio
  • FRS Walkie-Talkie set
  • Binoculars
  • Emergency Books!  

Thank you to everyone who supported Chatham CERT this past year. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday, andlets all plan for a Prepared and Resilient 2019.

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