January 2020

CERT Update 
A big thanks to everyone who was able to attend our first Chatham CERT meeting on Wednesday evening. Slides from the meeting are located here. Special thanks to Colby Sawyer from the Chatham Emergency Management Office who discussed emergency operations.

CERT Basic Class 
Our first CERT basic class for 2020 will be held March 21 and 22 (Sat and Sun) at the community college in Pittsboro. If you would like to attend, please sign up on TERMS at https://terms.ncem.org/TRS/courseDesc.do?sourcePage=courseSearch&cofId=124309. Chatham residents will receive priority until a couple weeks before the class. Class size is limited to 30 students.

Here is the CERT 2020 planned schedule.
Meetings will be at 6pm the Chatham Emergency Operations Center unless noted. 
Feb 26: victim response, transport (exercise)
Mar 21-22: CERT Basic Course (all-day Sat and Sun at the Chatham Ag and Conference Center)
Mar 25: Food safety, storage, prep
Apr 22: Flood response, windshield survey
May 27: Blocking & Cribbing (exercise)
Jun 24: First Aid, CPR, AED (exercise)
Jul 22: SkyWarn (6pm at the Chatham Library Holmes Room)
Aug 26: Hurricane Prep
Sep 23: Long-term disasters
Oct 24 (Saturday morning): Communications (using the FEMA comms course)
November: we are planning on a basic-level (technician) ham radio operators course 

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Stay safe!

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