CERT March 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended our March 2019 CERT meeting. This month we reviewed the past year (our start-up year!) and discussed meeting topics for the future. From those who attended, here are the top most wished for classes. We will work on getting these scheduled throughout the next year.

  • Search and Rescue
  • CPR & AED training
  • Traffic and Crowd Management
  • Dealing with long-term power outages
  • First Aid certification
  • Land Nav & Compass Reading
  • Food safety, storage, disaster food preparation

We also reviewed gear – what one might carry in their trunk or vehicle as a ‘get-home’ bag for emergencies. You can view that presentation here.

Our April meeting features the North Carolina Forestry Service in a presentation on Wildfire Prevention and Safety around our homes. That will be particularly timely given all the problems we have seen on the west coast with out-of-control fires. We don’t want that here in Chatham County. See you on April 24th at our monthly meeting.

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