CERT July 2019

What does a county citizen do if they suspect a law enforcement officer needs assistance?

That was the July 2019 topic presented by the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office.

In a nutshell:
– Call 9-1-1 first! The officer may not have been able to notify his unit, and calling 911 will never hurt the situation.
– Do not take action unless the officer knows you are there, that you are a ‘good guy’, and the officer requests help.
– Don’t startle the officer – make sure they are aware of your presence.
– If you are a concealed handgun permit holder, DON’T draw your firearm unless asked to do so by the officer.
– Sometimes just being an extra set of eyes and ears is all that is needed.

If you come across an officer in their vehicle and they are unresponsive (perhaps due to a medical emergency) grab the vehicle’s radio microphone and call for help!

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